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International Dental Emergency Alliance, LLC or I.D.E.A. LLC, is an international dental consortium specializing in providing consumers with immediate access to high quality emergency dental treatment at discounted rates.

I.D.E.A. LLC was founded by dentists with only one goal in mind; to help consumers save money on their dental needs when they need it most.

A number of studies have shown that dental emergency room visits in the U.S. have been increasing, and that they continue to grow as a percentage of all emergency room visits.

This is why I.D.E.A. LLC has created its flagship product: a one-time use dental emergency card.

We work with nationwide networks of dentists to help you save up to 65% on the dental emergency or routine dental treatments. We are part of the following networks:

Consumers can buy the dental emergency card for a low annual membership fee of $20 ($37 for the family dental emergency card) and have access to a nationwide network of qualified dentists at their disposal for all of their dental emergency needs or routine dental treatments.

The dental emergency card can also be used to receive immediate discounts from 15% to 60% off generic drugs and an average savings from 15% to 25% off brand name prescriptions at participating pharmacies. The pharmacist will enter your member information from the card and you will receive significant savings at the time of purchase.

After purchase, the card is good for one year and the cardholders has 30 days after activation to complete treatment initiated by their dentist including follow up treatments. Please allow up to 24 hours for the activation process to be completed in our system. If you do not use the card for an emergency or routine dental treatment during that year, you can still enjoy member benefits such as discounted prescriptions at participating pharmacies.

Once the dental emergency card has been used for one emergency or one routine dental treatment, the card will no longer be valid. At that point, you will have the option of once again purchasing a new card for the annual membership fee of $20 ($37 for the dental emergency family plan) or upgrade to a new annual family membership which will offer you and your family members unlimited and deeply discounted emergency and routine treatments for the entire year.

With the dental emergency card, you are equipped with a valuable tool to help solve your dental needs and save a lot of money at the same time.

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